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Be in to Win!

Become a Hire Things  Facebook fan today and go into a prize package draw for…

Movie Tickets for two, a bottle of wine and a big box of chocolates!

Winner drawn and published 1st March 2010

We use Face book to publish interesting updates and articles on relevant topics such as sharing resources, connecting communities, hiring, saving and making money, environmental impact, building online businesses as well as competitions and lots of fun stuff!


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Go camping for $10!

This week I hired out my tent for a night to a guy going with a group of friends to Castlepoint.

I made $10 but more importantly he got a tent for the night for just $10. He didn’t have to buy one ( $169) or not go with his friends. He was happy he got good value and I was happy I made $10 from something that would otherwise just be sitting in my garage.

This is Hire Things at its best- people sharing resources making and saving money while doing something positive for the environment.

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Its not Easy being Green

It’s not easy being green.

Kermit had it right – it really isn’t. We’re surrounded by consumerism and our busy lifestyles want us to make quick but not necessarily the best choices and does one person really have any effect?

Well – yes! There are thing’s even busy everyday people can do to make a difference

–         Recycle more

–         Share resources – you don’t have to buy every thing you need

–         Be energy efficient – eco bulbs, turn off electronics, less hot water

Lots of people making little changes can have a big impact on the world we are leaving to our children. Think about it – what could you be doing?

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I might need it one day…

January is  just the perfect time to de-clutter the house – the latest buzzword for sorting out your stuff!

You can start small – drawer by drawer and progress to room by room.  My husband has started sorting through 20yrs of accumulated stuff and the kids are getting into it too. Despite moving countries several times he has still managed to move things we don’t use with him!

There’s the throw out pile, the donate pile but then there’s that “I might need it one day and I’m not ready to part with it” pile… and we all have one of those.

Do you ruthlessly chuck it out? Sell it on Trade Me for a fraction of its value?

This is where Hire Things comes in. List your things for hire then you get to keep them and continue to get value from them by hiring them out to others in your community and making some extra cash. It makes good economic and environmental sense.

Who knows maybe you might take up surfing again….

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Hire Things Launches it’s Connecting Communities Programme

We have just launched our Connecting Communities Programme. The programme allows schools, clubs, community groups and charities to raise funds with Hire Things. As mother with 3 kids at 3 different schools, I know the difficulties faced by many groups continually having to fundraise. Personally I’m all sausage sizzled out and dread the chocolates coming home to be eaten mainly by me…

We wanted to come up with something that worked for everyone, that wasn’t continually dipping into members pockets; we all have lots of expenses. When I took over recently as CEO it was one of my goals to find a way we could work with community groups to help this problem.

So we are now donating 1.5% of hire fees to community groups. Anyone listing things for hire with us will be able to select the school/group they support and that’s where our donation will go. The more supporters a group gets the greater the potential income for them.

Churton Park School will be running our pilot for schools and we are very excited to be working with them

We feel the Connecting Communities Programme fits well with our overall strategy to build the concept of hiring and sharing resources within communities. That by hiring in what they need and hiring out what they have, people can make and save money as well as doing something positive for the environment and their community.

We are very pleased to welcome Enviroschools to our programme. As a group teaching our children how to care for our planet we felt they were very aligned with our company values.

We are also working with Plunket to list their car seats nationwide through Hire Things completely free of charge.

Anyone interested in this programme can contact me directly

We plan to make a difference, one community at a time.

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An invitation …to start making a difference!

An invitation…..

..…to start making a difference!

In our changing world the current economy along with environmental concerns has led us to question our spending and look to be smarter about what we buy and what we own.

There are things we need occasionally and there are people with things they only use occasionally.

Hire things gives you an online community where you can easily and safely hire in what you need and hire out what you have.

By sharing resources through Hire Things you can
o    Make money from your idle assets,
o    Save money by hiring instead of buying,
o    Live the lifestyle you want now
o    Meet people in your community
o    Make a difference to the environment.

At Hire Things we have just launched our new home page that better reflects our message and company values.

We invite you to think hire instead of buy and make a difference to your wallet, your community and your environment.

Register on Hire Things through December and go into 2 weekly draws for a Mr Vintage t-shirt and movie pass. It’s quick and easy.

Forward this invitation to your friends, colleagues and people you meet in the street  – we can all make a difference, pass it on!

Kind regards, Iona

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Hire a Hunk and liven up your day!

Bored with housework? Had a bad week? Want to add a bit of sparkle to your day or to cheer up a friend? You need to hire a hunk!


Hunks for hire are a fabulous bit of eye candy for those desperate housewives, single girls, widowers or office ladies who want to spice things up around the office, home or garden.

Get the girls together for a glass of wine and enjoy a good old perve and lots of laughs.

As well as looking gorgeous you can hire a Gardening Hunk to cut your hedges, do some weeding, or mow your lawns; a Pool Hunk to clean your pool; a Domestic Hunk to Vacuum, clean windows, car or decking; a Handy Hunk repair the fence, change a tyre or odd jobs around the house and a Chauffer Hunk to drive your girls around town on a pub crawl, keep them in out of trouble and home safely.


You can even get a hunk in costume….pirate, uniform, warrior

Give a friend a birthday present she’ll never forget!

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Take A Party Cruise For Your Next Function!

No soggy sandwiches and bosses in silly hats here! You don’t have to have the same old boring Christmas party, leaving do or celebration event that you usually cruise

Take the stress out of organising your next work function; dine in style surrounded by the ocean and the city lights. A party cruise is a great way to have fun and unwind. Cruising on the harbour creates a fun and lively atmosphere that even the office grouches enjoy.

You can book complete packages including catering, drinks and music and just turn up. The easiest party you ever organised!

If you prefer you can bring food and drink as well as arrange your own music or entertainment. You can even make it a fancy dress party for some extra fun. Check here for a few costume theme ideas.

Party cruises are especially great for Christmas. It can be a busy, hectic time of the year without having to organise your end of year work party!

Here are some ideas


Prices vary depending on number of guests but start around $46pp.

You can book your Christmas party cruise now and forget about it until its time to turn up and enjoy your evening, how good is that?


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Keeping the kids happy

Keeping the kids happy – always challenging but always worth it!princess coupe

Happy kids = happy parents.

Kids grow fast and they grow out of things just as fast. You can spend a lot of money on clothes, toys, baby equipment for each stage of your child’s development. So much to do, so much to learn and so many cool things!

This year alone my son has already been through fads of Ben 10, Bakugon and is now fixated on Star Wars.

Unless you are made of money and have a warehouse to store everything, what are your options? Choose a selection of things you hope they like? Buy them and sell them for a fraction of their value in a few months when they have out grown them?

This is where hiring makes the most sense.You can hire your kids a selection of toys for a week/month, they get to enjoy something fun and interesting and you can swap it when they start to get bored! Perfect.

fooseballIt makes  much more sense to hire a selection of toys for  a short time while they are still “new”and exciting, then hire something different next month. Toy hire is an easy way to get top quality, well known brands, that are totally safe for kids and match their current level of development.

Toy hire works especially well for those larger items such as toy kitchens, ride-on-cars, indoor climbing frames etc and are great as part of a party pack for birthday parties or when your entertaining and would like the kids occupied…

So next time your thinking of buying toys for your children, take a moment to consider how long they are going to play with it, where are you going to store it and do they really need to have one or would they just enjoying playing on/with one for a while?

As well as saving you money I think this sends great  messages to our kids regarding the reusing of resources, that you don’t always have to own to enjoy.


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Costume parties, stuck for ideas?

It’s very cold and gray this time of year which makes
a perfect reason to dress up and to step outside yourself for bit, for the best ever mid winter party!

A costume or fancy dress party is always fabulous fun, with lots of hilarious photo opportunities and great memories.

Conversation is easy with lots of laughs at each guest’s arrival – depending, of course on how outrageous you plan to be!

Stuck for Party Theme ideas?

Jenny from Pieces of Eight Costume Hire has these suggestions

And not forgetting the infamous Tarts and Vicars party as seen on Bridget Jones!

Jenny makes and designs most of her costumes, importing only select garments.

She is particularly proud of the quality and quantity they carry, including hats, wigs and accessories.

Every kind of costume you could imagine available nationwide and in their gorgeous new showroom in Tauranga.

Meet some more of our costume people

Debbie at Alter Egos runs her business online and is so dedicated she was replying to requests while in labor with her daughter, then following bookings from her hospital bed!

She has a range of fun and sexy outfits available nationwide for both men and women.

Sandra and the team at Creative Show Off make it their mission to find you the perfect costume for you.
Their expertise is unmatched in the Wellington area and have a collection built over 20 yrs including costumes from stage and film productions.

When your feeling a bit naughty, Melarie from Wear It Out has an astounding range of sexy costumes for all occasions.
Order before lunch time and get your costume the next day!

Rosie in Palmerston North offers you a beautifully presented collection with excellent personal service.
All outfits come complete with all accessories.

What ever you’re up to and what ever you’re wearing have a fantastic time!
Iona and the Hire Things Team

Stuck for Party Theme ideas?
Jenny from Pieces of Eight Costume Hire has these suggestions

1920’s Charleston,   1930’s Gangsters,   1940’s War Years,   1950’s Rock n Roll, 1960’s Hippy Days,   1970’s Disco & T.V Characters,   1980’s Retro & T.V Characters,   Ancestors,   Animals, Aussies & Kiwiana,   Bollywood,   Book Characters,   Cartoon Characters,   Celebrities,   Christmas,   Countries of the World,   Country & Western,    Disco Fever,   Drag Queens,   Easter, Fairy’s & Goblins,   Fairytales,   Famous Adventurers,   Famous Dead People,   Famous English,   Flying,   Forever Young,   Halloween,   Humorous,   James Bond 007,   Movie Characters,   Murder Mystery,   Musicians,   Myths & Legends, Naughty & Nice,     Nautical/Water Theme,     Pirates of the Caribbean, Professionals,     Rogues & Villains,    Roman/Grecian/Turkish,    T.V Characters, The “P” party,     Letter themed Party ,   Uniforms,    Witches & Wizards …

And not forgetting the infamous Tarts and Vicars party as seen on Bridget Jones!

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