Hire a Hunk and liven up your day!

Bored with housework? Had a bad week? Want to add a bit of sparkle to your day or to cheer up a friend? You need to hire a hunk!


Hunks for hire are a fabulous bit of eye candy for those desperate housewives, single girls, widowers or office ladies who want to spice things up around the office, home or garden.

Get the girls together for a glass of wine and enjoy a good old perve and lots of laughs.

As well as looking gorgeous you can hire a Gardening Hunk to cut your hedges, do some weeding, or mow your lawns; a Pool Hunk to clean your pool; a Domestic Hunk to Vacuum, clean windows, car or decking; a Handy Hunk repair the fence, change a tyre or odd jobs around the house and a Chauffer Hunk to drive your girls around town on a pub crawl, keep them in out of trouble and home safely.


You can even get a hunk in costume….pirate, uniform, warrior

Give a friend a birthday present she’ll never forget!


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