Weddings – Steps for Styling

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At the BIG step we are lucky to have a great range of wedding specialists to call upon as our experts for the advice sections of our website.


Charlotte Wood is a talented wedding and event stylist, with years of experience and impeccable taste. We asked her to share some of her wisdom and advice with us on how to visualize and style your wedding reception.


The best way to tackle your table styling is to determine the general feel you want to achieve for your wedding and try to carry it throughout every element of the day. Ideally, this starts from when your guests receive their invitation. If you haven’t decided on your theme when the invites go out, keep it simple, perhaps just tying in your chosen colour palette.

Wow factor. Your reception venue will really determine the look and style of your tables. The best venues to work with are the ones that can be used as a blank canvas. Rather than feeling disappointed that your venue doesn’t have a lot of decoration or is too minimalist, take this as an opportunity to really make the venue your own. Generally, venues suitable for weddings are large in size, which means they can often accommodate more rather than less. When people walk into your reception, you want a “WOW” to be their first impression – and you want your guests to remember that reaction. Don’t be afraid to use more than what you would use if you were dressing your table at home for a dinner party.

Don’t be afraid to get messy! By dressing each table slightly differently, you can create a high impact style that will be a real talking point amongst your guests. Although remember to keep the basics the same – i.e. choose flowers in the same colour but have different types of blooms on each table; alternatively, use clear glass holders in a range of heights and sizes, but have a slightly different collection on each table. This fits in nicely with the vintage look that is very popular at the moment.

Hire with a twist. If you are styling your wedding DIY, look for unusual items to hire. Good wedding stylists will have a range of items that are different from what is generally available through your “run of the mill” hire companies. Think birdcages, parasols, vintage votives and lanterns.

Pick a hero. At the other end of the spectrum is the idea of having one element that is the “hero” of your look. For example, single stems of flowers placed simply on the tables could compliment a bold pattern, such as a black and white design. The pattern is the “hero” in this case, which also means you can save money by accompanying it with a handful of flowers instead of ornate arrangements. Top tip: If you decide to mix up patterns on your tables, keep the colour theme the same.

Think outside the square. Look for different ways to use items. Sometimes traditional candleholders can work really well as vases, and vice versa. Small votive holders can also look really sweet with single stems of flowers.

Get help with the final stage. Decorating the tables always takes a lot longer than people anticipate. So if relying on friends or family, make sure you have more people enlisted to help than you would think. It would be very disappointing to spend a lot of money on your centrepieces and decorations only to walk into your reception to find they are not properly set up. Top tip – style a table yourself, photograph it and then give the photo to friends/family who will be setting up on your behalf.

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