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Top 10 Cost Cuts for your Wedding.

You want the wedding of your dreams, but the economy and your bank account are less than dreamy. No worries… Lauren form the fantastic wedding planning website has got some great tips to help you keep costs down!

  1. Recycle Heirlooms: If you have family heirlooms, reuse the diamonds or metal to make your wedding rings; or wear them on your wedding day to compliment your attire – they can double as your something borrowed and something old. It’s a great way to save money, but it’s also an eco-friendly alternative and a nod to the past!
  2. RSVP Online: Don’t worry about ordering return envelopes and postage for your stationery. Invite your guests to RSVP online via your theBIGstep wedding homepage.
  3. Lollies in the Middle: Instead of flower arrangements or other pricey centrepieces, fill glass vases or jars with candy. These can add colour to your tables and can be used as after dinner treats!
  4. Dessert with a Twist: Skip a plated or buffet dessert in favour of your wedding cake. Many couples are opting for less traditional cakes and choosing more favourable flavours, including mud cake, carrot cake, banana cake, or a combination of flavours to serve to their guests. Alternatively, get the girls together and bake a cupcake for each guest that you can arrange on a tower of cloth-covered boxes – a cute wedding cake and dessert in one!
  5. Hire your wedding dress: Dresses can be one of the most expensive items on the wedding budget list. You spend all this money for one item that you will never wear again. Many of the bridal boutiques hire out some beautiful gowns – no one needs to know and you can still look fabulous on the day in an amazing wedding dress. It is also common to hire bridesmaids dresses.
  6. Friends & Family: You will be amazed at how helpful and resourceful friends and family can be. Consider your guest list and ask around to see if anyone can source alcohol at wholesale prices, arrange your flowers, design your invitations, decorate your wedding venue, make your wedding cake or make you wedding jewellery.
  7. One Long Course: Feed your guests all evening without the cost of a 3-course meal! Replacing the traditional meal with a constant stream of canapés is a modern twist that will keep guests’ stomachs full while also keeping costs down.
  8. Candlelight: Candles can add elegance to a venue with the light of a match. Grab a bunch of different sized candles or a pile of tea lights from The Warehouse, Briscoes or Farmers, but don’t light them until just before your guests arrive, as you don’t want them burning out before the last dance!
  9. Palladium Rings: Palladium is a platinum group metal that, in its latest alloy composition, has an amazing similarity to platinum, but it wears like gold. It’s less expensive than gold and considerably more affordable than platinum, but feels like one and looks like the other!
  10. Hire: If you search carefully you will find that there are businesses out there that hire all sorts of interesting bits and pieces for a wedding. From the big item things such as marques to crystal chandeliers – right down to small accessories to decorate your table with.

The key things when trying to save money on your big day are to research, shop around and think outside the square.

Good luck and happy planning!


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Go camping for $10!

This week I hired out my tent for a night to a guy going with a group of friends to Castlepoint.

I made $10 but more importantly he got a tent for the night for just $10. He didn’t have to buy one ( $169) or not go with his friends. He was happy he got good value and I was happy I made $10 from something that would otherwise just be sitting in my garage.

This is Hire Things at its best- people sharing resources making and saving money while doing something positive for the environment.

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What’s in your garage?

Do you still have the kids stuff they out grew but your still not ready to part with?

Do you have lots of tools but not the one you need right now?

A garage full of things you might use again one day?

Today is the day you get to put them to use. Dust them off, check they works and list them on Hire Things for people in your neighbourhood to hire. You don’t need to sell it and your neighbour doesn’t need to buy one.

You make money, he saves money and you both do positive things for the environment!

So, what are you waiting for? List your lawnmower, hedge trimmer, tent, pram and surfboard – pretty much anything really!

The next time you plan a project, think about your wallet and the environment, check out what you can hire before rushing off to buy and add to that already very full garage….

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Q & A with Hire Things CEO Iona Elwood-Smith


I recently did an interview with the fabulous Charlotte Squires editor of Happyzine.

It was great fun and I hope gives some insights into Hire Things as well as the opportunity to meet me as a person!

There are questions such as where our inspiration came from, challenges we face,  our grand vision for Hire Things as well as how I juggle life as a mother of three as well as being CEO of a high growth company!

Check it out here – its a great article.

Let me know what you think or if you have any other questions for me.

Always happy to hear from you.


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The Story of Stuff – this is great

Check out this short video on where stuff comes from and where it goes, and what we can do about it.

The team here at Hire Things are pretty proud to be able to say that we believe hiring things is part of the solution… buy quality, use it and re-use it and let many other people re-use it, and maintain it, and give people an alternative to just buying cheap stuff all the time that just ends up in the landfill.

The higher-quality video can be seen at and you can download the video to show your friends from there also.


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