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School holidays – make some “fun” money!

The school holidays are just around the corner.  They often come with boredom  ( ” Mum I’m bored, there nothing to do”) and expense ( ” Mum can I have some money for….”)

These holidays – flip it around. Get the kids looking around your home for things they aren’t using all the time.  Things like sports equipment, musical instrumentstoys,   gamescamping gear – things they could hire out and make some money from!

We  call it  fun money in my house, every time we hire something out – we use the money for family fun! Movies, out for dinner, a special treat.

Making money from things you already have without selling them  – how cool is that!


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Costumes – not just for grown ups!

Costumes and fancy dress have become such a big thing for parties these  days as we all indulge our alter egos!

We all love dressing up and none more so than kids.

Mine loved anything sparkly and shiny! The range of costumes for hire for kids these days is truly astonishing and would have saved me hours of sewing what they quickly grew out of!

You can get costumes for babies and toddlers  – 6months upwards which are cute, cuddly and gorgeous.

5-9 year old costumes are the required  fairy, pixie, mermaid, superhero,  pirates,  knights and princess.

The 10yrs+ costumes get a little more sophisticated ( but not TOO  grown up)  as they head to their teenage years, while still being lots of fun.

Costumes really are great for  reflecting the of fun and fantasy of being a kid.

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What’s in your garage?

Do you still have the kids stuff they out grew but your still not ready to part with?

Do you have lots of tools but not the one you need right now?

A garage full of things you might use again one day?

Today is the day you get to put them to use. Dust them off, check they works and list them on Hire Things for people in your neighbourhood to hire. You don’t need to sell it and your neighbour doesn’t need to buy one.

You make money, he saves money and you both do positive things for the environment!

So, what are you waiting for? List your lawnmower, hedge trimmer, tent, pram and surfboard – pretty much anything really!

The next time you plan a project, think about your wallet and the environment, check out what you can hire before rushing off to buy and add to that already very full garage….

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Hire Things Launches it’s Connecting Communities Programme

We have just launched our Connecting Communities Programme. The programme allows schools, clubs, community groups and charities to raise funds with Hire Things. As mother with 3 kids at 3 different schools, I know the difficulties faced by many groups continually having to fundraise. Personally I’m all sausage sizzled out and dread the chocolates coming home to be eaten mainly by me…

We wanted to come up with something that worked for everyone, that wasn’t continually dipping into members pockets; we all have lots of expenses. When I took over recently as CEO it was one of my goals to find a way we could work with community groups to help this problem.

So we are now donating 1.5% of hire fees to community groups. Anyone listing things for hire with us will be able to select the school/group they support and that’s where our donation will go. The more supporters a group gets the greater the potential income for them.

Churton Park School will be running our pilot for schools and we are very excited to be working with them

We feel the Connecting Communities Programme fits well with our overall strategy to build the concept of hiring and sharing resources within communities. That by hiring in what they need and hiring out what they have, people can make and save money as well as doing something positive for the environment and their community.

We are very pleased to welcome Enviroschools to our programme. As a group teaching our children how to care for our planet we felt they were very aligned with our company values.

We are also working with Plunket to list their car seats nationwide through Hire Things completely free of charge.

Anyone interested in this programme can contact me directly

We plan to make a difference, one community at a time.

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Keeping the kids happy

Keeping the kids happy – always challenging but always worth it!princess coupe

Happy kids = happy parents.

Kids grow fast and they grow out of things just as fast. You can spend a lot of money on clothes, toys, baby equipment for each stage of your child’s development. So much to do, so much to learn and so many cool things!

This year alone my son has already been through fads of Ben 10, Bakugon and is now fixated on Star Wars.

Unless you are made of money and have a warehouse to store everything, what are your options? Choose a selection of things you hope they like? Buy them and sell them for a fraction of their value in a few months when they have out grown them?

This is where hiring makes the most sense.You can hire your kids a selection of toys for a week/month, they get to enjoy something fun and interesting and you can swap it when they start to get bored! Perfect.

fooseballIt makes  much more sense to hire a selection of toys for  a short time while they are still “new”and exciting, then hire something different next month. Toy hire is an easy way to get top quality, well known brands, that are totally safe for kids and match their current level of development.

Toy hire works especially well for those larger items such as toy kitchens, ride-on-cars, indoor climbing frames etc and are great as part of a party pack for birthday parties or when your entertaining and would like the kids occupied…

So next time your thinking of buying toys for your children, take a moment to consider how long they are going to play with it, where are you going to store it and do they really need to have one or would they just enjoying playing on/with one for a while?

As well as saving you money I think this sends great  messages to our kids regarding the reusing of resources, that you don’t always have to own to enjoy.


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Fun Kids Party Idea


If you’re wondering what to do for your child’s party this year – check this out!

New to Hire Things are these Amazing Big Characters. Large life like character costumes you can hire for the day and set the theme for your party.


Costumes come with free party theme ideas like this one

Dilly Dinosaur:  draw big dinosaur footprints with chalk. Or hide little plastic dinosaurs in the sandpit so the kids can dig for dinosaurs. Gather the children into a group, get them to chant for the character “Dilly the Dinosaur… Dilly the Dinosaur!”Dilly the Dinosaur arrives and greets everyone with a wave, shakes hands, cuddles. Dilly the Dinosaur can lead a marching parade and play games.  There are  game suggestions and also the “Dino Pokey.” You could also educate the children about dinosaurs and make it a fun way of learning.


The costumes are made to fit an adult between 5’4″ – 6’1″.  All you need is a volunteer!!

Not just for kids parties these characters are great for promotions and events for  instant attention, smiles, fun, laughter and happiness!
For any age!


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