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School holidays – make some “fun” money!

The school holidays are just around the corner.  They often come with boredom  ( ” Mum I’m bored, there nothing to do”) and expense ( ” Mum can I have some money for….”)

These holidays – flip it around. Get the kids looking around your home for things they aren’t using all the time.  Things like sports equipment, musical instrumentstoys,   gamescamping gear – things they could hire out and make some money from!

We  call it  fun money in my house, every time we hire something out – we use the money for family fun! Movies, out for dinner, a special treat.

Making money from things you already have without selling them  – how cool is that!


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I might need it one day…

January is  just the perfect time to de-clutter the house – the latest buzzword for sorting out your stuff!

You can start small – drawer by drawer and progress to room by room.  My husband has started sorting through 20yrs of accumulated stuff and the kids are getting into it too. Despite moving countries several times he has still managed to move things we don’t use with him!

There’s the throw out pile, the donate pile but then there’s that “I might need it one day and I’m not ready to part with it” pile… and we all have one of those.

Do you ruthlessly chuck it out? Sell it on Trade Me for a fraction of its value?

This is where Hire Things comes in. List your things for hire then you get to keep them and continue to get value from them by hiring them out to others in your community and making some extra cash. It makes good economic and environmental sense.

Who knows maybe you might take up surfing again….

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Make over your Home for Summer or for Sale!


With spring arriving it’s a great time to have a clear out, shake off winter and set the scene for enjoying a glorious summer.

Whether your selling your home or it’s just in need of a makeover, home stylists can add real value to your property and your lifestyle.

Clutter can be depressing and overwhelming. Many people get stressed out over how to store all their stuff! One of the obvious solutions is to get rid of the clutter!

Lorraine from Housedressings says ‘if in doubt chuck it out!’ and offers  a few hot tips to get you started

* Kids gear (tricycles, skateboards, roller skates) stored in the garage for sentimental reasons – even though the kids are off at university
* Kitchen appliances purchased on impulse and which are rarely used (bread makers, juicers, grinders, and blenders are typical items taking up valuable space)
* Paper – old newspapers, magazines, paper backs, Time and Reader’s Digest magazines and National Geographic’s
* The two drawers of plastic containers – lids without containers and containers without lids!
* Gym gear – used for three weeks and then abandoned
* Clothes you haven’t worn in over a year
* That ‘interesting’ vase that Aunty Myrtle gave you
* Any item that you don’t really love

We have several Home Stagers who can help you with simple, inexpensive improvements that can be made within your budget. Rhonda from first Impressions offers a great DIY home staging package full of tips and advice to use yourself.

first impressionsHome Staging has become hugely popular when selling homes, making sure you have the best presentation to secure the best possible price.

Essentially, home staging is selling a lifestyle by helping prospective purchasers visualise what it would be like for them to live in the space. Home Stagers  use home design techniques to their full effect, bringing out the best in a property.

Contact Lorraine , Rhonda and any of our Home Stagers for great ideas and their current special offers.

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