Keeping the kids happy

Keeping the kids happy – always challenging but always worth it!princess coupe

Happy kids = happy parents.

Kids grow fast and they grow out of things just as fast. You can spend a lot of money on clothes, toys, baby equipment for each stage of your child’s development. So much to do, so much to learn and so many cool things!

This year alone my son has already been through fads of Ben 10, Bakugon and is now fixated on Star Wars.

Unless you are made of money and have a warehouse to store everything, what are your options? Choose a selection of things you hope they like? Buy them and sell them for a fraction of their value in a few months when they have out grown them?

This is where hiring makes the most sense.You can hire your kids a selection of toys for a week/month, they get to enjoy something fun and interesting and you can swap it when they start to get bored! Perfect.

fooseballIt makes  much more sense to hire a selection of toys for  a short time while they are still “new”and exciting, then hire something different next month. Toy hire is an easy way to get top quality, well known brands, that are totally safe for kids and match their current level of development.

Toy hire works especially well for those larger items such as toy kitchens, ride-on-cars, indoor climbing frames etc and are great as part of a party pack for birthday parties or when your entertaining and would like the kids occupied…

So next time your thinking of buying toys for your children, take a moment to consider how long they are going to play with it, where are you going to store it and do they really need to have one or would they just enjoying playing on/with one for a while?

As well as saving you money I think this sends great  messages to our kids regarding the reusing of resources, that you don’t always have to own to enjoy.



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