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Run a business online

Want to have your own business no capital outlay and no business skills needed?

People are already doing it – here’s how…

We all have things we only use occasionally and there a people with things they only need occasionally.

Hire Things provides a safe easy to use platform for people to make money from things they rarely use by hiring them out to their community.

Have a look around your home and garage what do you have that you could hire out to others? Any kind of camping gear, sports equipment, children and babies toys and equipmenttents, computers, desksski’s, camera, sewing machine, play station, pram, lawn mower, tools, gazebo etc etc

From hiring out toys Rhonda has built her own toy and party hire business online so she could stay at home with her kids and not return to work; – Sam hires out his photography equipment so he can buy more gear and grow as a photography business; – Emma hires out her own wedding linen and decorations and has now decided to become a wedding planner.

So what do you need to do?

Step 1.  Find things to hire out.

Step 2. Clean up, take photos, and set prices.

Step 3. List them on Hire Things.

CONGRATULATIONS –  you’re in business!

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Q & A with Hire Things CEO Iona Elwood-Smith


I recently did an interview with the fabulous Charlotte Squires editor of Happyzine.

It was great fun and I hope gives some insights into Hire Things as well as the opportunity to meet me as a person!

There are questions such as where our inspiration came from, challenges we face,  our grand vision for Hire Things as well as how I juggle life as a mother of three as well as being CEO of a high growth company!

Check it out here – its a great article.

Let me know what you think or if you have any other questions for me.

Always happy to hear from you.


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October 2009 supplier’s update

You can read our latest update here.

In this issue

  • New Things (Iona takes top job!)
  • Some great numbers (traffic and business just keeps on growing)
  • Your storefronts now improved (category browsing in Hire Things supplier storefront)
  • The daily shuffle! Get your listings in the top results! (get your listings to the top!)
  • Tell us your Story (stories, quotes, testimonials, we wanna hear 🙂
  • October 2009 Suppliers' Update

    October 2009 Suppliers' Update

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    Make money from your things – without having to sell them!

    You no longer have to sell the things you own to make money out of them!

    Now you can make extra dollars and keep your stuff by hiring out your things online.

    Many of us have “things” sitting round waiting to be used. Hiring them out in your community gives you some extra income, saves someone else having to buy one, keeps the cash in your local area and is great for the environment. Benefits all around.

    You can hire out pretty much any thing you own – tools, sports equipment, kitchen equipment, baby gear, toys, camping gear, clothes, a spare room etc etc.

    things to hire

    Sam listed his camera gear a few months ago and has already made over $200 just form hiring out things he wasn’t using all the time.

    Rhonda is a mum who has had over 160 hire transactions

    Here’s an example of what you could hire out.

    $10 Drill             $40 Tent                  $10 Sander            $15 Hedge trimmer

    $30 Trailer         $90 Roof Box            $10 Toys                 $40 water blaster

    $20 Bikes            $30 Baby gear           $30 Camera          $20 Sewing machine

    Hiring out a few things like this and you could start making  money every month – easy extra income!

    Start listing on today and  make  some extra $$.

    Tell your neighbors/friends/colleagues so they can list stuff you might want to hire!

    Happy listing!

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    Hire Things in Australia

    Whilst the Hire Things website enables things for hire to be listed in any country, our current focus is clearly on building up the business here in New Zealand. But from the outset has aspired to become an exciting and useful service and community in many offshore markets outside NZ.

    Australia is a strong candidate for establishing the the Hire Things service next. So to get a better idea of what’s happening in that market, Iona and Peter, along with a number of NZ hire companies and representatives from the Hire Industry Association of NZ, popped across the ditch last week for the Australian Hire and Rental Industry Association (HRIA) annual conference and trade show.

    The conference was in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and was a great opportunity for us to meet up with hire companies, equipment suppliers, rental software companies, the HRIA, and even some businesses starting to operate in the same or similar space as Hire Things.

    We have not launched our site yet, as we understand that there is much more to building up the service than just releasing a website. We are seeking partnerships and investors (in NZ and Australia) to be part of this push.

    So our main focus and the conference was not to “sell” Hire Things to hire companies, or get them to list their stock on the website (though they are most welcome to do so). Our main focus was to observe, to listen, and engage with the various stakeholders in the industry over there.

    And we sure did that!! The conference was a fantastic balance of conference and socializing, of learnings and fun, of demonstrations and networking. Over the 4 days of the conference Iona & I managed to meet dozens of really great people all working together to deliver hire and rental services throughout Australia.

    There were over 220 stands in the trade show, and about 50 companies with equipment at their “Equipment in Action” day outside. Most of the stands were by companies that supply equipment, services, technology, systems, and other services to the hire and rental companies. Last September we exhibited at the HIANZ ’07 trade show and conference (see blog post), so it was interesting to be there simply as a delegate attendee this year, alonside all the hire companies wandering around.

    Anyway, we saw lots, we learned lots, we listened and talked over ideas with people, had a load of fun, and made lots of new friends and allies. We have come back with plenty of insights and opportunities for in Australia. If you want to know more about this, drop me an email 🙂

    Thank you to Creative HQ (the Grow Wellington business incubator), and to Air New Zealand for their support with this market research trip.

    I’ve put a good selection of photos on Flickr at

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    The little digger that can…

    Steve from Mini Dig Services has listed his very cool and handy “mini” digger, trencher, stump grinder and post hole borer into our excavation category for Wellington. It’s a step down from a bobcat, useful for all sorts of heavy-work landscaping, excavating, and tranching jobs.

    It’s apparently only a metre wide, so can get into some pretty tight spots!! He told me the other day he had to go along the top of a narrow stepped retaining wall to service a job!

    He’s got all sorts of attachments to go with it, such as a post hole borer up to 600mm wide & 1.5m deep, Trenching digger, a stump Grinder, and the standard bucket for moving gravel, dirt, soil, ect.



    Check him / it out for that next digging job!

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    Calling all bands!!

    Are you an up and coming band looking for gigs? Do you perform at parties and events?

    You can use to promote your band just like Oneader!


    I hear they are loud!

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