So what’s with the pressure cuffs? Got a bad back?

I have for years being going to see Martin at Newtown Osteopathy from time to time whenever I’ve had back, shoulder, or neck problems. I’ve always found Martin to be able to get things sorted out in a couple of visits, depending on if I stick to the exercises he gives me 😉

Some of the exercises he prescribes involves using some basic equipment such as wobble boards and towels, and some involve using blood pressure cuffs to give the patient bio-feedback on the exercise.

Hence all the pressure cuffs on the site. Newtown Osteopathy rent out a few bits and pieces of gear to their patients to help them do their exercises, so they have put their pressur cuffs on the site to be able to (a) keep track of who’s got them booked out and (b) allow patients to book them online.


So if you’ve got any back, neck, or shoulder problems, go see Martin. They are at 67 Rintoul St Newtown Wellington. Phone number: 0-4-389 7702.

We’ll be introducing some new features to the site soon so they won’t need to list all of the cuffs, but just one and state how many they have.

A question. Would you like to be able to book a session with Martin or one of his osteopaths on the Hire Things website?


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