HIANZ Conference & Trade Show Booth !

It was a successful couple of days at the HIANZ Conference & Trade Show in Takapuna, Auckland last week! As a member of the Hire Industry Association of New Zealand, we participated in and sponsored part of the conference.

HIANZ booth panorama 

We networked, got to know a lot of key players in the hire industry, and did a fair bit of promoting of the benefits of listing on Hire Things, too. One of the highlights of the event was having HIANZ president, Wayne Hood, of Rangiora Hire register and start listing some of his company’s offerings on Hire Things, followed shortly afterwards by several other HIANZ member businesses. 

It was nice to see that the small private hire businesses see the value the Hire Things marketplace can bring them, in terms of their own online hire storefront, online bookings, and most of all, the power of the marketplace to get good search engine results over time.  All these companies went for our new “Pre-pay” plans, which apart from having no success fees, allow the companies to have their phone, address, email, and website details on each of their listings and their hire storefront. 

 HIANZ booth

Overall, the show proved a great success: we met and exceeded our objectives for the conference and look forward to participating in the trade show again in two year’s time.


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