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Hire Things rocks people already!

In my listing of things you can hire from me, you’ll find a listing for a stainless steel Pacsafe safety mesh which you put around backpacks to lock them up safely.

I have just received a booking through Hire Things for this for all of April (from someone out of the blue). I asked the person making the booking how they found out about the site. His response…

“You’ll be pleased to know that I was trying to find a cheap place to buy a Pacsafe protector, and did a google on “Pacsafe” (limited to NZ) and your site was at the very top! It never occured to me that I might find one for rent – nice work there, it was just above trade me. Trademe is probably how we’ll get our second one for the trip. :)”

“…your site was at the very top!… it was just above trade me.” – Not bad eh!

HireThings google results for pacsafe

The other thing here is the role of Hire Things in providing a “long tail” of things for hire that one would not find through traditional channels… “It never occured to me that I might find one for rent – nice work there

What have you got you can hire out from time to time?

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Free advertising for hire / rental companies

We have just released a very basic hire directory feature into Let Use It, our hope being to ensure that people browsing around the site will always find a way to get hold of what they want to use.

We would hope that they find what they want in the location they want, in the category they are browsing. But if they don’t find what they want, we are including listings for hire companies in that area that may fit that category.

So for example, if you browse the portable toilets for hire category, you will often see at the bottom of the listings the “Let Use It hire directory”, with an ad for Port-a-loo by hirepool. At this point, since there are no portable toilets listed, this may be helpful to someone.
Port-a-loo ad

Similarly if you look at the Wellington listings of fencing, barriers, guards for hire category, you’ll see a small ad for a local company, Portable Fence Hire.
Portable Fence Hire ad

The ads are location and category specific, so if your browsing all of New Zealand, then you’ll only see ads for companies that are nationawide. You won’t see ads for hire companies that only service one or two specific regions or cities unless you are browsing in that location.

So if you are a hire or rental company, group, or club, and you would like a free ad in the Let Use It hire directory, then email and let me know what categories and locations you serve. We would encourage you to register and list things for hire, but that is up to you 🙂

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Show off your listings

On Let Use It you can have items you list as visible to the public, visible only to those in your Trust Network, or not visible to anyone.

When you view a listing, you’ll now see a link to see the other listings of that member. For example, check out the things you can borrow or hire off Peter in Central Wellington. If you are not logged in when viewing this list you’ll only see Peter’s items he’s set as public. If you log in and are part of his Trust Network then you will also see things he has set as only visible to his Trust Network.

Great for hire businesses and clubs

This feature is really useful if you or your business, group, or club want to promote your own listings… you can link directly to your list by putting a link on your blog or website to http://www.letuseit/username (whatever your Let Use It username is). So for another example, the link to the listings of the Wellington Ruby on Rails user group, it would be

You can turn this listing off in you Let Use It profile (see “my Let Use It”) if you don’t want other’s to be able to see a list of your public listings.

What have you got in your list?

PS: usernames have just been introduced. New members will be asked to choose a username. For existing members who registered as organisations, your username is your organisation. For individuals, your username has been made up from your first and last name. If you really don’t like your username, then contact us and we can change it for you (just this once). Unlike TradeMe, we will still be showing first and last names on user profiles as the basis of Let Use It is trust and credibility, and we all deal in the real world with our real names.

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Attention all photographers and the video/film industry

Check out our photographic section for equipment you can hire around New Zealand.  Sure beats buying every piece of gear you just need for special jobs don’t you think? 

And if you have some gear you don’t use all the time, think about listing it for hire or loan by other photographers.  You can view member’s profiles before agreeing to any loan booking request, and you can ask them about themself before proceeding.

And all you in the film and video industry, Let Use It may just be the place you need to hire out or hire in that expensive professional equipment.

 Save money and make money by hiring and lending through Let Use It 🙂

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Rock Box Party Hire lists on Let Use It NZ

We want to make Let Use It the place people go to book things they want to use – to rent/hire or just to borrow.

To do this, we need to get things on to the site. These will come from many places, but the most welcoming of those is the current hire and renting players. We hope to bring them new business, and make booking things a more enjoyable experience for their customers.

Enter Rock Box Party Hire… run by Shaun Beckford, he’ll deliver anywhere in the Wellington region DJ equipment, party lights, Karaoke and jukebox equipment for your next part.

Here’s a few things he’s just put on that you may want to use for your next event!

He’s listed in party and event supplies an impressive DJ hosting setup and service tailored to your requirements.

And in lighting and sound equipment for Wellington, he’s listed the following:

You can see all the Rock Box Party hire listings here, so watch out for more!
So thank you Shaun and Rock Box Party Hire, and congratulations for being our first real commercial hire company to venture into the new world of online booking in the hiring marketplace.

Rockbox Party Hire van

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