Show off your listings

On Let Use It you can have items you list as visible to the public, visible only to those in your Trust Network, or not visible to anyone.

When you view a listing, you’ll now see a link to see the other listings of that member. For example, check out the things you can borrow or hire off Peter in Central Wellington. If you are not logged in when viewing this list you’ll only see Peter’s items he’s set as public. If you log in and are part of his Trust Network then you will also see things he has set as only visible to his Trust Network.

Great for hire businesses and clubs

This feature is really useful if you or your business, group, or club want to promote your own listings… you can link directly to your list by putting a link on your blog or website to http://www.letuseit/username (whatever your Let Use It username is). So for another example, the link to the listings of the Wellington Ruby on Rails user group, it would be

You can turn this listing off in you Let Use It profile (see “my Let Use It”) if you don’t want other’s to be able to see a list of your public listings.

What have you got in your list?

PS: usernames have just been introduced. New members will be asked to choose a username. For existing members who registered as organisations, your username is your organisation. For individuals, your username has been made up from your first and last name. If you really don’t like your username, then contact us and we can change it for you (just this once). Unlike TradeMe, we will still be showing first and last names on user profiles as the basis of Let Use It is trust and credibility, and we all deal in the real world with our real names.


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