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Cut CO2 Emmissions – Hire don’t Buy

A recent report put out on climate change has called for a fifth of all household spending to be converted to hiring and renting. The report along with current trends of consumers questioning their spending is great news for New Zealand’s Hire Things who are ideally placed to take advantage of this new consciousness.

Commissioned by the British government the Waste & Resources Action Programme (Wrap) says that overcoming our obsession with owning goods could be a “secret weapon” in meeting climate change targets.

“This is the first piece of research which shows the significant impact to the economy and the environment resource efficiency has said Liz Goodwin, WRAP CEO.

The report identifies £143 billion of annual expenditure on goods that could have been used for longer instead of throwing them away early and buying new products. Using items for their full lifespan could save British consumers £47 billion a year.

By Sharing seldom used products with a number of people, the productivity of the product will be increased and the consumption of natural resources in the production stage reduced

Hiring instead of buying would cut emissions by about 2 per cent, of CO2 a year, through a fall in manufacturing and lower consumption of raw materials.

The research has important messages on the reduction of ownership of goods and getting lifetime optimization from our purchases.

“Why would anyone want to own that many things anyway? We need to have the confidence that we can get things when we need them but we don’t need to have them sitting beside us every day. Said Liz Goodwin, WRAP CEO

What’s exciting for New Zealand is that we can take immediate action. Hire Things, already well established in the online hiring space is growing rapidly in consumer to consumer hiring. Hiring to and from each other within a community makes it easy to hire products you need with out having to buy them. Not everyone in the street needs to own a lawnmower, trailer or a tent. By sharing resources in this way you get much higher value from the things you own and purchases can be better quality, getting their lifetime use before becoming landfill.

Hire Things already has 8000+ members making a difference not just to their own wallets but to the environment and the economy too.

The WRAP report

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Chair covers – who knew?


My first introduction to chair covers was joining Hire Things. I’d never even heard of them before that. O f course I got married 15yrs ago so that might have something to do with it…

We had several listed on Hire Things that were being hired out with astonishing frequency. What was this all about? I did some research!

I found that chair covers are used to …

Hide  worn and tired chairs

Add elegance and create an amazing atmosphere

Unify the room and create a complete look that all works together.

Transform everyday rooms ( or beaches) into amazing places!

Well there you go, now I know. My wedding in the very utilitarian local yacht club could certainly have benefited from a transformation!

They certainly make a difference to your venue that table clothes and flowers only start and aren’t just for weddings. You can totally glam up any event instantly by ordering the complete package.


There’s a rainbow of colours available as well as different designs and textures – I’m quite partial to these paua coloured ones myself. You can find the right style to fit for your chairs

Starting from $4 each you can get them delivered and even put on the chairs for you, a bargain!


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Make money from your things – without having to sell them!

You no longer have to sell the things you own to make money out of them!

Now you can make extra dollars and keep your stuff by hiring out your things online.

Many of us have “things” sitting round waiting to be used. Hiring them out in your community gives you some extra income, saves someone else having to buy one, keeps the cash in your local area and is great for the environment. Benefits all around.

You can hire out pretty much any thing you own – tools, sports equipment, kitchen equipment, baby gear, toys, camping gear, clothes, a spare room etc etc.

things to hire

Sam listed his camera gear a few months ago and has already made over $200 just form hiring out things he wasn’t using all the time.

Rhonda is a mum who has had over 160 hire transactions

Here’s an example of what you could hire out.

$10 Drill             $40 Tent                  $10 Sander            $15 Hedge trimmer

$30 Trailer         $90 Roof Box            $10 Toys                 $40 water blaster

$20 Bikes            $30 Baby gear           $30 Camera          $20 Sewing machine

Hiring out a few things like this and you could start making  money every month – easy extra income!

Start listing on today and  make  some extra $$.

Tell your neighbors/friends/colleagues so they can list stuff you might want to hire!

Happy listing!

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Hiring things is part of a sustainable future

Hiring as part of our sustainable choicesOne of the reasons behind Hire Things is the fact that hiring is such a great sustainable business model… both environmentally and socially.

If you look at the 3 R’s… Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… hire businesses demonstrate most, if not all of these….

Reduce: Hiring provides an alternative to excessive consumption / consumerism. Hire businesses buy good quality gear that will last a long time. They can even afford new gear that is leading edge in fuel or power efficiency and emissions (for example, most rental & leasing car companies offer hybrid vehicles).

Reuse: They let lots of people use it, meaning people don’t have to buy stuff that doesn’t get used much, or buy cheap goods that end up on the landfill after only a few uses. They also employ / contract in people to maintain & repair the equipment, giving jobs/employment as well as extending the life of the gear. As gear is well maintained, it means it can be sold onto a consumer once it passes it’s effective hire use-by-date, giving it yet another life.

Recycle: Because hire businesses tend to stay at the leading edge of the equipment they use, as recyclable equipment becomes more prevalent, hire businesses are likely to lead the way in bringing this equipment into use. By being used and visible to consumers, this also serves to help this type of equipment become mainstream. One would hope also that it is businesses that seek to adopt good practices around recycling.

Resource Sharing: Hiring is all about resource sharing, and that is what excites us about what we are doing… creating a space where people work together, using things, to make life better now.

Proven to make sense: Hire & rental businesses are one of the oldest forms of businesses around, and are truly one of the greenest in our society. It is something they should be proud of, and something we as consumers should keep in mind as we more and more want to make better, smarter, more sustainable lifestyle decisions.

In a world of increasing consumerism, mixed with growing concerns about social and environmental sustainability, hiring and renting stands out as being the smartest form of business… to share resources amongst many people.

Some links on hiring and renting as a sustainable choice:

Hire or rental companies offer you everything under the sun. You only need pay for the time you use it. When you don’t need it, someone else covers the cost of that item, because they’re now using it. Why pay for a lawn mower that spends 167 hours per week in the garage, and 1 hour being used. Wouldn’t you rather pay for just the hour of use?

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Mohawk Media / Radio NZ Virtual World site of the week!

I’m an avid Radio New Zealand National Radio listener, and recently have started tuning in to watch Oliver Drivers great new digital TV channel ALT TV.  Both are great commentaries on what’s going on in New Zealand society, and the wider world.

Helen & Chelfyn Baxter are actively involved in sharing techno goodness on both media channels (Virtual World on Afternoons with Jim Mora, producing & hosting ‘the g33k show‘ coming to ALT TV), and run, highlighting good design, trends in social media, online collaboration, and music, to name a few.  They have a combined 30 years experience in TV, Radio, and Online media, so certainly have proven they keep up with the play on what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s going down!!

So it’s a great compliment to us all here to be named by them as their “Site of the Week” this week, both on their Radio NZ Virtual World show, and on their own site. 

You can hear the show online for a while at or download it at (The “Site of the week” is the 2 minutes from 20:29 through to 22:28).

 Site of the week on Radio New Zealand\'s Virtual World show

Site of the week on social media website MohawkMedia


We started Hire Things for all sorts of reasons… but a core part of that is people working together, using things, to make great events and projects happen, without having to own everything. We think encouraging people to hire instead of buying everything is just part of our contribution to a more sustainable world 🙂

We’re a small team with big plans, so getting noticed and commented on by bloggers and media all helps us keep moving forward bit by bit.

Thanks, and welcome to listeners and readers 🙂

Peter & the team


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Let Use It makes the headlines!!

Let Use It has just made it into ComputerWorld magazine… our first bit of real media attention.

See the article “Summer of Code helps develop lending exchange“, which covers off how being part of the New Zealand Summer of Code programme has helped us bring Let Use It to life.

Though we have yet to commence any major marketing for the service as we tune up aspects of how it works, this publicity is great to see to help get the ball rolling.  It points out some of the goals and the challenges of the website, and as is our vision, it covers off how we hope to make a marketplace that really is a channel for helping customers get in touch with suppliers both large and small…

the innovators hope that, as with many other trading sites, the professionals will eventually see it as a channel rather than a rival

The article refers to the three founding developers, but we want to formally thank Nik Wakelin and Eddie Stanley, our two Summer of Code students, for all the awesome work, care, thought, and intelligence they have put into Let Use It over the last 3 months. 

Thanks also should go to Foundation Research Science and Technology which, through their TIF student scheme, has made the NZ Summer of Code possible.

Computerworld article on Let Use It

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Show off your listings

On Let Use It you can have items you list as visible to the public, visible only to those in your Trust Network, or not visible to anyone.

When you view a listing, you’ll now see a link to see the other listings of that member. For example, check out the things you can borrow or hire off Peter in Central Wellington. If you are not logged in when viewing this list you’ll only see Peter’s items he’s set as public. If you log in and are part of his Trust Network then you will also see things he has set as only visible to his Trust Network.

Great for hire businesses and clubs

This feature is really useful if you or your business, group, or club want to promote your own listings… you can link directly to your list by putting a link on your blog or website to http://www.letuseit/username (whatever your Let Use It username is). So for another example, the link to the listings of the Wellington Ruby on Rails user group, it would be

You can turn this listing off in you Let Use It profile (see “my Let Use It”) if you don’t want other’s to be able to see a list of your public listings.

What have you got in your list?

PS: usernames have just been introduced. New members will be asked to choose a username. For existing members who registered as organisations, your username is your organisation. For individuals, your username has been made up from your first and last name. If you really don’t like your username, then contact us and we can change it for you (just this once). Unlike TradeMe, we will still be showing first and last names on user profiles as the basis of Let Use It is trust and credibility, and we all deal in the real world with our real names.

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Try before you buy

Who out there would like to “test drive” things before they buy them? We do this already with cars, but why not for many other types of things?

Here’s a comment from someone reading my Geekzone blog entry about Let Use It in New Zealand…

This is kinda cool, if successful, I can “hire” or “borrow” mobile phones and stuff, then test before I commit…. Hmm… other uses also spring to mind.

I’ve often thought companies should allow users to “hire” stuff out on trial for a small fee and then if they wish to buy, the “hirage” charge is wiped off. I’ve bought many a dud and had no recourse.

So companies out there… put some demo product on the site that people can hire… and advertise they can try before they buy!

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Attention all photographers and the video/film industry

Check out our photographic section for equipment you can hire around New Zealand.  Sure beats buying every piece of gear you just need for special jobs don’t you think? 

And if you have some gear you don’t use all the time, think about listing it for hire or loan by other photographers.  You can view member’s profiles before agreeing to any loan booking request, and you can ask them about themself before proceeding.

And all you in the film and video industry, Let Use It may just be the place you need to hire out or hire in that expensive professional equipment.

 Save money and make money by hiring and lending through Let Use It 🙂

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Rock Box Party Hire lists on Let Use It NZ

We want to make Let Use It the place people go to book things they want to use – to rent/hire or just to borrow.

To do this, we need to get things on to the site. These will come from many places, but the most welcoming of those is the current hire and renting players. We hope to bring them new business, and make booking things a more enjoyable experience for their customers.

Enter Rock Box Party Hire… run by Shaun Beckford, he’ll deliver anywhere in the Wellington region DJ equipment, party lights, Karaoke and jukebox equipment for your next part.

Here’s a few things he’s just put on that you may want to use for your next event!

He’s listed in party and event supplies an impressive DJ hosting setup and service tailored to your requirements.

And in lighting and sound equipment for Wellington, he’s listed the following:

You can see all the Rock Box Party hire listings here, so watch out for more!
So thank you Shaun and Rock Box Party Hire, and congratulations for being our first real commercial hire company to venture into the new world of online booking in the hiring marketplace.

Rockbox Party Hire van

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