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Its not Easy being Green

It’s not easy being green.

Kermit had it right – it really isn’t. We’re surrounded by consumerism and our busy lifestyles want us to make quick but not necessarily the best choices and does one person really have any effect?

Well – yes! There are thing’s even busy everyday people can do to make a difference

–         Recycle more

–         Share resources – you don’t have to buy every thing you need

–         Be energy efficient – eco bulbs, turn off electronics, less hot water

Lots of people making little changes can have a big impact on the world we are leaving to our children. Think about it – what could you be doing?

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I might need it one day…

January is  just the perfect time to de-clutter the house – the latest buzzword for sorting out your stuff!

You can start small – drawer by drawer and progress to room by room.  My husband has started sorting through 20yrs of accumulated stuff and the kids are getting into it too. Despite moving countries several times he has still managed to move things we don’t use with him!

There’s the throw out pile, the donate pile but then there’s that “I might need it one day and I’m not ready to part with it” pile… and we all have one of those.

Do you ruthlessly chuck it out? Sell it on Trade Me for a fraction of its value?

This is where Hire Things comes in. List your things for hire then you get to keep them and continue to get value from them by hiring them out to others in your community and making some extra cash. It makes good economic and environmental sense.

Who knows maybe you might take up surfing again….

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What’s in your garage?

Do you still have the kids stuff they out grew but your still not ready to part with?

Do you have lots of tools but not the one you need right now?

A garage full of things you might use again one day?

Today is the day you get to put them to use. Dust them off, check they works and list them on Hire Things for people in your neighbourhood to hire. You don’t need to sell it and your neighbour doesn’t need to buy one.

You make money, he saves money and you both do positive things for the environment!

So, what are you waiting for? List your lawnmower, hedge trimmer, tent, pram and surfboard – pretty much anything really!

The next time you plan a project, think about your wallet and the environment, check out what you can hire before rushing off to buy and add to that already very full garage….

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Cut CO2 Emmissions – Hire don’t Buy

A recent report put out on climate change has called for a fifth of all household spending to be converted to hiring and renting. The report along with current trends of consumers questioning their spending is great news for New Zealand’s Hire Things who are ideally placed to take advantage of this new consciousness.

Commissioned by the British government the Waste & Resources Action Programme (Wrap) says that overcoming our obsession with owning goods could be a “secret weapon” in meeting climate change targets.

“This is the first piece of research which shows the significant impact to the economy and the environment resource efficiency has said Liz Goodwin, WRAP CEO.

The report identifies £143 billion of annual expenditure on goods that could have been used for longer instead of throwing them away early and buying new products. Using items for their full lifespan could save British consumers £47 billion a year.

By Sharing seldom used products with a number of people, the productivity of the product will be increased and the consumption of natural resources in the production stage reduced

Hiring instead of buying would cut emissions by about 2 per cent, of CO2 a year, through a fall in manufacturing and lower consumption of raw materials.

The research has important messages on the reduction of ownership of goods and getting lifetime optimization from our purchases.

“Why would anyone want to own that many things anyway? We need to have the confidence that we can get things when we need them but we don’t need to have them sitting beside us every day. Said Liz Goodwin, WRAP CEO

What’s exciting for New Zealand is that we can take immediate action. Hire Things, already well established in the online hiring space is growing rapidly in consumer to consumer hiring. Hiring to and from each other within a community makes it easy to hire products you need with out having to buy them. Not everyone in the street needs to own a lawnmower, trailer or a tent. By sharing resources in this way you get much higher value from the things you own and purchases can be better quality, getting their lifetime use before becoming landfill.

Hire Things already has 8000+ members making a difference not just to their own wallets but to the environment and the economy too.

The WRAP report

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Chair covers – who knew?


My first introduction to chair covers was joining Hire Things. I’d never even heard of them before that. O f course I got married 15yrs ago so that might have something to do with it…

We had several listed on Hire Things that were being hired out with astonishing frequency. What was this all about? I did some research!

I found that chair covers are used to …

Hide  worn and tired chairs

Add elegance and create an amazing atmosphere

Unify the room and create a complete look that all works together.

Transform everyday rooms ( or beaches) into amazing places!

Well there you go, now I know. My wedding in the very utilitarian local yacht club could certainly have benefited from a transformation!

They certainly make a difference to your venue that table clothes and flowers only start and aren’t just for weddings. You can totally glam up any event instantly by ordering the complete package.


There’s a rainbow of colours available as well as different designs and textures – I’m quite partial to these paua coloured ones myself. You can find the right style to fit for your chairs

Starting from $4 each you can get them delivered and even put on the chairs for you, a bargain!


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Make money from your things – without having to sell them!

You no longer have to sell the things you own to make money out of them!

Now you can make extra dollars and keep your stuff by hiring out your things online.

Many of us have “things” sitting round waiting to be used. Hiring them out in your community gives you some extra income, saves someone else having to buy one, keeps the cash in your local area and is great for the environment. Benefits all around.

You can hire out pretty much any thing you own – tools, sports equipment, kitchen equipment, baby gear, toys, camping gear, clothes, a spare room etc etc.

things to hire

Sam listed his camera gear a few months ago and has already made over $200 just form hiring out things he wasn’t using all the time.

Rhonda is a mum who has had over 160 hire transactions

Here’s an example of what you could hire out.

$10 Drill             $40 Tent                  $10 Sander            $15 Hedge trimmer

$30 Trailer         $90 Roof Box            $10 Toys                 $40 water blaster

$20 Bikes            $30 Baby gear           $30 Camera          $20 Sewing machine

Hiring out a few things like this and you could start making  money every month – easy extra income!

Start listing on today and  make  some extra $$.

Tell your neighbors/friends/colleagues so they can list stuff you might want to hire!

Happy listing!

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Hiring things is part of a sustainable future

Hiring as part of our sustainable choicesOne of the reasons behind Hire Things is the fact that hiring is such a great sustainable business model… both environmentally and socially.

If you look at the 3 R’s… Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… hire businesses demonstrate most, if not all of these….

Reduce: Hiring provides an alternative to excessive consumption / consumerism. Hire businesses buy good quality gear that will last a long time. They can even afford new gear that is leading edge in fuel or power efficiency and emissions (for example, most rental & leasing car companies offer hybrid vehicles).

Reuse: They let lots of people use it, meaning people don’t have to buy stuff that doesn’t get used much, or buy cheap goods that end up on the landfill after only a few uses. They also employ / contract in people to maintain & repair the equipment, giving jobs/employment as well as extending the life of the gear. As gear is well maintained, it means it can be sold onto a consumer once it passes it’s effective hire use-by-date, giving it yet another life.

Recycle: Because hire businesses tend to stay at the leading edge of the equipment they use, as recyclable equipment becomes more prevalent, hire businesses are likely to lead the way in bringing this equipment into use. By being used and visible to consumers, this also serves to help this type of equipment become mainstream. One would hope also that it is businesses that seek to adopt good practices around recycling.

Resource Sharing: Hiring is all about resource sharing, and that is what excites us about what we are doing… creating a space where people work together, using things, to make life better now.

Proven to make sense: Hire & rental businesses are one of the oldest forms of businesses around, and are truly one of the greenest in our society. It is something they should be proud of, and something we as consumers should keep in mind as we more and more want to make better, smarter, more sustainable lifestyle decisions.

In a world of increasing consumerism, mixed with growing concerns about social and environmental sustainability, hiring and renting stands out as being the smartest form of business… to share resources amongst many people.

Some links on hiring and renting as a sustainable choice:

Hire or rental companies offer you everything under the sun. You only need pay for the time you use it. When you don’t need it, someone else covers the cost of that item, because they’re now using it. Why pay for a lawn mower that spends 167 hours per week in the garage, and 1 hour being used. Wouldn’t you rather pay for just the hour of use?

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