Let Use It makes the headlines!!

Let Use It has just made it into ComputerWorld magazine… our first bit of real media attention.

See the article “Summer of Code helps develop lending exchange“, which covers off how being part of the New Zealand Summer of Code programme has helped us bring Let Use It to life.

Though we have yet to commence any major marketing for the service as we tune up aspects of how it works, this publicity is great to see to help get the ball rolling.  It points out some of the goals and the challenges of the website, and as is our vision, it covers off how we hope to make a marketplace that really is a channel for helping customers get in touch with suppliers both large and small…

the innovators hope that, as with many other trading sites, the professionals will eventually see it as a channel rather than a rival

The article refers to the three founding developers, but we want to formally thank Nik Wakelin and Eddie Stanley, our two Summer of Code students, for all the awesome work, care, thought, and intelligence they have put into Let Use It over the last 3 months. 

Thanks also should go to Foundation Research Science and Technology which, through their TIF student scheme, has made the NZ Summer of Code possible.

Computerworld article on Let Use It


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