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The Hire Things team

Darryl, our lead developer, had been with the team for 1 year today (Happy 1st birthday Darryl!!).  

The core team went out to lunch to celebrate, and this is us just after we came back (all happy after a good feed!!).

The core Hire Things team

The core Hire Things team - Peter, Shoaib, Iona, & Darryl

Iona Elwood-Smith is our sales and marketing manager, Darryl Hamilton is our lead developer, Shoaib Ali is our web developer and Peter Torr Smtih is the founder and CEO. 

Our new marketing & community coordinator, Trish

Our new marketing & community coordinator, Trish

STOP PRESS!!  Recently joined… Trish Veugelaers as our marketing and community coordinator…

It takes a lot to put together a business like Hire Things, and to keep in going and growing.  Thankfully we have a number of other talented and helpful people that contribute part time, or have contributed in the past, to make Hire Things what it is today. 

Part-time contributors:
Paul Gold (Auric Solutions), Tim Philips (RND group), Lulu Pachuau (analysis and interaction design), Ken & Rebecca Hope (infographics and graphics). Nik Wakelin (CodeToCustomer).  Liora Saad.

Michael Elwood-Smith, Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Mauricio Freitas (Geekzone)

Past contributors:
Nahum Wild. Paul Flewelling. Eddie Would. Gaëtan De Brucker. Ken Foncé. Elicia Gold. Phil Dinius.

(I’ve probably omitted someone, sorry, let me know if I have).

Plus we have a number of friends and family shareholders that have put their trust (and money) with us, and our co-director of the company, Letizia who helps us keep an eye on things legal and organisational.

If you think you have something to offer the Hire Things, whether that be skills, time, money, or other resources, and would like to be part of our growing online business success, drop us a line on


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Mohawk Media / Radio NZ Virtual World site of the week!

I’m an avid Radio New Zealand National Radio listener, and recently have started tuning in to watch Oliver Drivers great new digital TV channel ALT TV.  Both are great commentaries on what’s going on in New Zealand society, and the wider world.

Helen & Chelfyn Baxter are actively involved in sharing techno goodness on both media channels (Virtual World on Afternoons with Jim Mora, producing & hosting ‘the g33k show‘ coming to ALT TV), and run, highlighting good design, trends in social media, online collaboration, and music, to name a few.  They have a combined 30 years experience in TV, Radio, and Online media, so certainly have proven they keep up with the play on what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s going down!!

So it’s a great compliment to us all here to be named by them as their “Site of the Week” this week, both on their Radio NZ Virtual World show, and on their own site. 

You can hear the show online for a while at or download it at (The “Site of the week” is the 2 minutes from 20:29 through to 22:28).

 Site of the week on Radio New Zealand\'s Virtual World show

Site of the week on social media website MohawkMedia


We started Hire Things for all sorts of reasons… but a core part of that is people working together, using things, to make great events and projects happen, without having to own everything. We think encouraging people to hire instead of buying everything is just part of our contribution to a more sustainable world 🙂

We’re a small team with big plans, so getting noticed and commented on by bloggers and media all helps us keep moving forward bit by bit.

Thanks, and welcome to listeners and readers 🙂

Peter & the team


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Request a quote, or a booking… it’s up to you!

Some of you will have already noticed or used our our cool new “Request Quote” facility.

We have separated our booking and quote buttons to give more flexibility to our users… so you can now request an obligation-free quote on the things you need to use, and then after receiving the quote response you can chose to accept the quote and make a firm booking, or decline it, or request a bit more inforation.

Planning events and projects isn’t always straight forward and generally you need to hire-in a variety of things.  With the new “request quote” facility, you can ask for a firmer quote than the estimates shown on the website, and by explaining in the quote request what event or project you are trying to make happen, the hire supplier may well be able to quote you on a number of other things that will help you out, and offer you discounts or specials.

Now you can find who’s got what you need, when you need it, and ask for a quote without having to commit to a firm booking first.  Of course if you see what you need and you want to get it organised straight away, just go ahead and “Make Booking”. 

With the “Make Booking” process, customers place a request with dates, and if the hire supplier confirms the pricing and availability, the booking is confirmed and set to go ahead.

With the “Request Quote” process, customers place a similar request, but the hire supplier has to respond to the customer either confirming the estimate on the website is correct, or with a more accurate price.  It is then up to the customer to accept the quote before the booking is confirmed.

my hire-ins

So for customers…

– Send out quote requests for things you need.

– Get back quotes indicating availability, pricing, and other ways the hire supplier can help you out.

– Accept the quotes and offers that work for you.

– Sit back and Relax knowing you have booked-in the things you need for a great event, project, or adventure!!

So let us know what you think

Love it, hate it, want to know more?

Send me an email

I’d love to hear from you.


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Hire Things in Australia

Whilst the Hire Things website enables things for hire to be listed in any country, our current focus is clearly on building up the business here in New Zealand. But from the outset has aspired to become an exciting and useful service and community in many offshore markets outside NZ.

Australia is a strong candidate for establishing the the Hire Things service next. So to get a better idea of what’s happening in that market, Iona and Peter, along with a number of NZ hire companies and representatives from the Hire Industry Association of NZ, popped across the ditch last week for the Australian Hire and Rental Industry Association (HRIA) annual conference and trade show.

The conference was in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and was a great opportunity for us to meet up with hire companies, equipment suppliers, rental software companies, the HRIA, and even some businesses starting to operate in the same or similar space as Hire Things.

We have not launched our site yet, as we understand that there is much more to building up the service than just releasing a website. We are seeking partnerships and investors (in NZ and Australia) to be part of this push.

So our main focus and the conference was not to “sell” Hire Things to hire companies, or get them to list their stock on the website (though they are most welcome to do so). Our main focus was to observe, to listen, and engage with the various stakeholders in the industry over there.

And we sure did that!! The conference was a fantastic balance of conference and socializing, of learnings and fun, of demonstrations and networking. Over the 4 days of the conference Iona & I managed to meet dozens of really great people all working together to deliver hire and rental services throughout Australia.

There were over 220 stands in the trade show, and about 50 companies with equipment at their “Equipment in Action” day outside. Most of the stands were by companies that supply equipment, services, technology, systems, and other services to the hire and rental companies. Last September we exhibited at the HIANZ ’07 trade show and conference (see blog post), so it was interesting to be there simply as a delegate attendee this year, alonside all the hire companies wandering around.

Anyway, we saw lots, we learned lots, we listened and talked over ideas with people, had a load of fun, and made lots of new friends and allies. We have come back with plenty of insights and opportunities for in Australia. If you want to know more about this, drop me an email 🙂

Thank you to Creative HQ (the Grow Wellington business incubator), and to Air New Zealand for their support with this market research trip.

I’ve put a good selection of photos on Flickr at

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Hire Things wins Air New Zealand Prize

Hire Things has won in a competition sponsored by Air New Zealand. Our prize was two return tickets to Australia.

The competition was open to residents of Creative HQ (the Positively Wellington Business Incubator here in the beautiful city of Wellington, NZ)

Companies were invited to produce a promotional video in which they we given 2 minutes to explain what their businesses were all about.

The first prize went to Mungo, a beverage company with a difference. These guys are in the business of supplying the most amazing ready made cocktails to the world. The twist? They don’t give you a hangover! (I can vouch for that) Well maybe that’s not entirely the twist, but I can’t give away all their secrets. Mungo fully deserved their two return tickets to the UK!

The third prize went to Chaos Dimention, a young dynamic company that is taking computer software into another dimension. These guys won two domestic flights within New Zealand.

Check out our winning video here… (and thanks Air New Zealand!)

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We are pleased to announce our first weekly winner, Karepa ( Karepa Wall) visit his storefront here .


We had over 20 entries, so well done, and keep those listings coming. For further information on the prize draw click here.

The Team at

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Welcome to Hire Things!

Hire Things is, well, where you hire things. It’s a place where you can find goods, places, and services you can hire, and make booking requests online!!

It’s also a place where you can list for free the goods, places, and services you have on offer for hire or rent.

It is for any business, club, group, or inidividual that hires or rents things, places, or services out, full-time, or part-time, nationwide, or just locally.

We are Let Use It Limited, and are proud to bring your Hire Things.

The Hire Things Team

Peter, Nahum, Paul, Paul, Tim, Eddie, Nik, Gaetan, Ken, and there’s more!

Hire Things logo large

PS: the site whilst in early beta testing was operating under the name Let Use It. You can still find the Let Use It blog here.

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