Hire Things wins Air New Zealand Prize

Hire Things has won in a competition sponsored by Air New Zealand. Our prize was two return tickets to Australia.

The competition was open to residents of Creative HQ (the Positively Wellington Business Incubator here in the beautiful city of Wellington, NZ)

Companies were invited to produce a promotional video in which they we given 2 minutes to explain what their businesses were all about.

The first prize went to Mungo, a beverage company with a difference. These guys are in the business of supplying the most amazing ready made cocktails to the world. The twist? They don’t give you a hangover! (I can vouch for that) Well maybe that’s not entirely the twist, but I can’t give away all their secrets. Mungo fully deserved their two return tickets to the UK!

The third prize went to Chaos Dimention, a young dynamic company that is taking computer software into another dimension. These guys won two domestic flights within New Zealand.

Check out our winning video here… (and thanks Air New Zealand!)


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