An invitation …to start making a difference!

An invitation…..

..…to start making a difference!

In our changing world the current economy along with environmental concerns has led us to question our spending and look to be smarter about what we buy and what we own.

There are things we need occasionally and there are people with things they only use occasionally.

Hire things gives you an online community where you can easily and safely hire in what you need and hire out what you have.

By sharing resources through Hire Things you can
o    Make money from your idle assets,
o    Save money by hiring instead of buying,
o    Live the lifestyle you want now
o    Meet people in your community
o    Make a difference to the environment.

At Hire Things we have just launched our new home page that better reflects our message and company values.

We invite you to think hire instead of buy and make a difference to your wallet, your community and your environment.

Register on Hire Things through December and go into 2 weekly draws for a Mr Vintage t-shirt and movie pass. It’s quick and easy.

Forward this invitation to your friends, colleagues and people you meet in the street  – we can all make a difference, pass it on!

Kind regards, Iona


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