What do you do in your community?


I was planning this blog,  when elbow deep in dishwater that looked a lot like  soup. On Wednesday evenings I head down to the Johnsonville Salvation Army to wash dishes for several hours, lots of dishes. Every week they host a community meal  (called MASH – Meal At Sallies House) for anyone and everyone.

Lets face it there are lots of people struggling at the moment and having a $2 dinner once a week can make significant budgeting difference to some.

We have Pensioners coming  for some company,   families coming to give Mum a break from cooking, teenagers coming to do what teenagers do – gather and talk! We also have people who come for their only cooked meal that week.

sajWhats the most amazing to me are the people that work there. They come from all walks of life, accountants, nannies, business owner, single parents, retirees, corporate managers and even CEO’s  all coming to give their time to their community.


We are all busy people but a little bit from a lot of people can make a big difference. And sometimes making a small difference in someones day is a big deal.

So I ask you – what are YOU doing in your community?

There are many ways to get involved in your community from getting to know your neighbours to becoming a volunteer. Check out these website www.sajchurch.com and www.donatenz.com You can give household items, food and support to good causes. Find out today where the need is and how you can help.


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