Pets at weddings – hire them a tuxedo!

Thinking about taking your dog to a family or friends wedding or party? Maybe your getting married and your pooch is a big part of your family.baxter

If I had one of those lovely well trained dogs I would want them there and want them to look gorgeous too. Now instead on a bit of ribbon around their neck you can hire them their own tuxedo.

The easy fit 3 piece pet  Tuxedo looks stunning on dogs and cats.

Velcro belly band and chest band allows for the tux to be adjusted for a secure fit. Made from light weight cotton and full lined. Satin detailing around the collar with white trim. Tux comes with adjustable black and white bow tie and top hat with elastic chin strap.

At  only $35 to hire for 2 days its not going to break the bank and  looks absolutely amazing!

tuxedoMy dog however is very much of the ‘Marley” variety and sadly has goat like tendencies – he would chew it to bits and ask what was for desert!

Of course I would never take my dog in the first place I can already imagine all the inappropriate sniffing, drooling on new outfits, unpleasant bodily emissions during the ceremony, eating the wedding cake the list could go on…


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