The Best and Easiest Party you ever Planned!

You don’t have to churn out your sad Cd collection or  get your mum to make sandwiches and cocktail sausages YOU can have the best party in town!band

You can hire a jukebox, a Dj and even a band. With an amazing selection of entertainment now available online with Hire Things you can Find, Choose and Book in less time than it takes to sort out your own music!

You can get bubble machines, disco lights, smoke machines and fireworks!

Marquees if its hot, outdoor heaters if its cold.

Hire a bartender to serve your friends and all you need now is the food!


For something a bit different how about a wood fired pizza?

Flamin pizza’s come to your event and make pizzas to your requirements using only fresh ingredients all cooked in a manuka fired pizza oven.

Tastes and looks amazing and they do all the work!

What ever you need for your party its only a few clicks away on Hire Things.

The best and easiest party you ever planned.

Hope its a fantastic one!



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