Searching for “woman in cake”

Part of my job is checking what’s been searched for on Hire Things so I can see that we do have everything everyone might need to hire. This helps me see what we need to look to add to our site, how we are searched and gives me a feel for who might be using Hire things for their hire needs.

Usually I get the run of bad spellers, annoying techy types testing the system (go for it guys) and sometimes things we don’t have on that I can immediately source for our customers.

Wednesday took the cake – literally. It started with searches for “stag do” – OK I get this – party, bring your friends – went to “recliner chair” viewing platform? and then to “woman in cake”!!!

“What sort of site do they think this is” I said to my husband. ” He looked at me and said “I wonder where you get something like that”.

Well that shut me up. Where do you go to hire something a little bit different, plan your party, do all your hiring in one place? Well, to Hire Things of course and thats exactly where he came.

So I’m sorry we don’t have a “woman in a cake” (yet), I am trying to find a cake large enough to jump out of but, you would have to supply your own woman.


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