From Feathers to Formula 1

Whilst we are always listing new and interesting items and services on Hire Things, this week has been even more diverse than usual.

As well as some great Dj’s and bands, wedding cars, office furniture and costumes, the week got off to an fabulous start when we listed a Formula 1 simulator!

“These vehicles are all life like, life-size and allow you to enter the world of virtual reality. Create your own in-house A1 Grand Prix”

You get suits and can actually drive and service the cars too, how cool is that! Forget getting cold and wet working our how to cross a river, this is my kind of team building.

(note to self: send info to boss)

Then we have my personal favourite of the week, 50 glorious ostrich plumes. Stunning as decorations or centerpieces, I just immediately think of the Fan dance and the Windmill Theater.

Maybe I should just hire them for decoration, I think my fan dance days are over, and more worryingly, not sure 50 is enough…

Any way, I wonder what next week will bring?


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