Top Tips for Wedding Speeches

Congratulations. What a day to look forward to. A Wedding day is a   day that families and friends will remember for the rest of their lives.

So… its important that everything on this special day is memorable and a pleasure for all-including the speeches.

A Wedding speech is often very personal and its content has to be appropriate to those being acknowledged. Whether you’re the groom, bride, best man or father of the bride making a speech can be made easier with some well chosen advice, a little help and thought.

The following considerations will ensure the speech making part of the day runs smoother and also give some guidance to all the speakers.

Seven points to Consider when deciding your Wedding Speech Process

1. Don’t get carried away and have all and sundry speak. Too many speakers may weary the guests.

2. If at all possible avoid last minute requests by people to speak.

3. Don’t force anyone to speak if they really don’t want to.

4. Encourage those who are concerned about their speech to seek expert help.

5. Look for an MC who is comfortable and confident speaking in public.

6. Ensure you brief the MC on your expectations regarding; their role, length of introductions, tone, jokes and flow.

7. Speakers should know well in advance of the wedding that they are going to speak.

Seven essentials that will increase success: for all speakers

1. Commit time to your speech preparation and give it your undivided attention. Don’t think it will be okay to think of something on the day.

2. Find out what the purpose of your speech is and do the bride and groom have any expectations.

3. Ask for HELP if stuck, unsure or need guidance.  It’s good to get somebody else’s opinion and it is only an opinion.

4. Don’t embarrass the bride or the guests.

5. Don’t think it has to be hilarious by including plenty of unrelated jokes. Try and get a balance of sincerity, real life stories and humour.

6. Keep your speech relevant and don’t ramble.

7. Practice. Practice in front of someone else and ask him or her to give you honest comment. Small adjustments in critical areas often make a major impact.

About Bruce of Wedding

I have been helping people with their wedding speeches for a number of years. Assistance can be in person, by phone or email. My approach to wedding speeches certainly makes speech making easier.

All assistance is based on the speaker’s personal requirements and ranges from general advice to major involvement.



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