The Hire Things team

Darryl, our lead developer, had been with the team for 1 year today (Happy 1st birthday Darryl!!).  

The core team went out to lunch to celebrate, and this is us just after we came back (all happy after a good feed!!).

The core Hire Things team

The core Hire Things team - Peter, Shoaib, Iona, & Darryl

Iona Elwood-Smith is our sales and marketing manager, Darryl Hamilton is our lead developer, Shoaib Ali is our web developer and Peter Torr Smtih is the founder and CEO. 

Our new marketing & community coordinator, Trish

Our new marketing & community coordinator, Trish

STOP PRESS!!  Recently joined… Trish Veugelaers as our marketing and community coordinator…

It takes a lot to put together a business like Hire Things, and to keep in going and growing.  Thankfully we have a number of other talented and helpful people that contribute part time, or have contributed in the past, to make Hire Things what it is today. 

Part-time contributors:
Paul Gold (Auric Solutions), Tim Philips (RND group), Lulu Pachuau (analysis and interaction design), Ken & Rebecca Hope (infographics and graphics). Nik Wakelin (CodeToCustomer).  Liora Saad.

Michael Elwood-Smith, Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Mauricio Freitas (Geekzone)

Past contributors:
Nahum Wild. Paul Flewelling. Eddie Would. Gaëtan De Brucker. Ken Foncé. Elicia Gold. Phil Dinius.

(I’ve probably omitted someone, sorry, let me know if I have).

Plus we have a number of friends and family shareholders that have put their trust (and money) with us, and our co-director of the company, Letizia who helps us keep an eye on things legal and organisational.

If you think you have something to offer the Hire Things, whether that be skills, time, money, or other resources, and would like to be part of our growing online business success, drop us a line on



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