Request a quote, or a booking… it’s up to you!

Some of you will have already noticed or used our our cool new “Request Quote” facility.

We have separated our booking and quote buttons to give more flexibility to our users… so you can now request an obligation-free quote on the things you need to use, and then after receiving the quote response you can chose to accept the quote and make a firm booking, or decline it, or request a bit more inforation.

Planning events and projects isn’t always straight forward and generally you need to hire-in a variety of things.  With the new “request quote” facility, you can ask for a firmer quote than the estimates shown on the website, and by explaining in the quote request what event or project you are trying to make happen, the hire supplier may well be able to quote you on a number of other things that will help you out, and offer you discounts or specials.

Now you can find who’s got what you need, when you need it, and ask for a quote without having to commit to a firm booking first.  Of course if you see what you need and you want to get it organised straight away, just go ahead and “Make Booking”. 

With the “Make Booking” process, customers place a request with dates, and if the hire supplier confirms the pricing and availability, the booking is confirmed and set to go ahead.

With the “Request Quote” process, customers place a similar request, but the hire supplier has to respond to the customer either confirming the estimate on the website is correct, or with a more accurate price.  It is then up to the customer to accept the quote before the booking is confirmed.

my hire-ins

So for customers…

– Send out quote requests for things you need.

– Get back quotes indicating availability, pricing, and other ways the hire supplier can help you out.

– Accept the quotes and offers that work for you.

– Sit back and Relax knowing you have booked-in the things you need for a great event, project, or adventure!!

So let us know what you think

Love it, hate it, want to know more?

Send me an email

I’d love to hear from you.



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