Lots of useful things for a great summer…

HireThings.co.nz  Newsletter – Summer 07/08 (part 2 of 6)

Lots of useful things for a great summer…

With thousands of hire listings only a mouse-click away, we have lots of cool stuff to make the holiday season REALLY interesting…
for the adventurous… How about some X-rides, or being a human gyroscope

for the upcoming nuptials… Covers , Table Tops, and Function Accessories have most of what you’ll need.

for shifting into the new home… Mr Rental and Handy Rentals will do the trick (branches nationwide coming onboard)  
for the kids… Bouncy Castles, party games and crazy bikes 

And for fun at the next fancy dress party…

A wicked selection of adventurous costumes! 

We have Something for Everyone…

Mobility Scooters and access ramps 


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