Hire & Service Suppliers: Presentation matters…

HireThings.co.nz  Newsletter – Summer 07/08 (part 3 of 6)

The start of the new year is a great time to review your marketing activities, and your Hire Things listings as a key part of that. It’s all about being found on search engines like Google, so log-in to your hire storefront and do a quick review. Have you got…

  • clear photos on each listing?
  • simple but descriptive titles?
  • good clear descriptions about the details of each listing?
    • include words that people may search on, such as alternative names for things.
    • sizes, measurements, specifications, examples of use, etc.
  • your listings in the right category?
    • think of adding other categories to your listing.
  • your listings covering all the areas you service / deliver to?
    • add your region, surrounding regions, or the entire country if you deliver.

Remember, the more listings about the goods, places, and services you offer the more exposure you will get, so go crazy and add lots of listings so people can truly see the variety of things and services you have on offer.


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