Wellington Boat Charters’ $3,000 booking!

A while back, John Luke, from Wellington Boat Charters put his catamaran, the “Lady Julie”, in the boating section of Hire Things.  He put up a couple of listings that he thought described what he could offer, and what he thought people will be looking for. 

A short while ago John received a booking enquiry for a work function for his 3 Hour Harbour Cruise & Gourmet BBQ for 45 people!!  This has now been confirmed and deposit paid, and to express his happiness, John wrote these kind words about his experience so far with Hire Things.

I first met Peter when he joined our BNI business breakfast group several months back.  He told us all about Hire Things and after finding out about my business suggested that his website would be a good way to get some new business.  Peter has visited me on the boat and helped me get my business on the website, and I was very impressed with his reliability – what he says he will do he does. 

I highly recommend doing business with Peter and using his website as he is an honest man and the website is great. 

I have already got a charter booking worth $3,000 through the website!!!  That’s one of the biggest ever for us.

John Luke
Skipper, Lady Julie
Wellington Boat Charters


The actual letter can be seen here Testimonial from Wellington Boat Charters.

That’s what Hire Things is all about…. helping people find and book the things they need from time to time, and helping small businesses and traders get access to the power of the internet – to generate more business!!


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