It’s the book vouchers and a place to curl up with a good book

Last weeks winner was Rosemary Archibald from the far north of our beautiful country with her accomodation in Cable Bay.

Cable Bay Accomodation

Rosemary has also listed Car hire and 4×4 Hire all also in the far north.

Last week saw the release of a new feature on the site Q and A on the listing so a potential customer can actually ask a question before entering the booking scree. This should result in quality bookings and gives the potential for upsell or add-on sales.

Listings are growing we now have cell phones for those heading off to Japan, this company is actually American and is offering a service to those New Zealander’s going to Japan. We also have some whiteware on the site, this is an area along with DIY goods that we would like to see grow, so if you have something or can recommend us to some one, then email to and we will credit your account with $10 to use to pay sucess fees or for optional extras on your listing.


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