We’re so much more than just listings

Yes our business revolves around listings, how else will the customer find what they need to hire or rent, or the owner make some money?

BUT Hire Things is oh so much more.   For example, we have a quote/request/booking system to die for.  Just look at the screenshot below…

See how much its going to cost

Select your dates on the calendar, choose the time of day you want to start/end the hire, and hey presto the total is automatically updated. You get an immediate idea of how much things are going to cost.

For those of you in the know this is done using AJAX. This technology allows us to change the webpage as you type, click or point. A little AJAX magic and The Web comes alive!

This is just a fraction of what Hire Things has to offer. We have a whole host of features that allow a better User Experience, and hopefully keep you coming back for more.

Did we also mention it comes in green?


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    Daniel said,

    Selecting dates on calendar is really cool, nice work!

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