You can rent that?

What sort of things would you expect to be able to hire/rent?

Most of us already rent or hire many things… the house we live in, the DVD we watched last night, a rental or lease vehicle/car, our office space, the bach/crib/cottage/lodge we stayed in last holidays, the post-hole digger for putting up that retaining wall, or a chainsaw.

But what else would you like to be able to hire instead of buy?  And what sort of opportunities are there out there for you to hire things out so other’s don’t have to buy?

Our goal is to create an abundant marketplace of things to hire or borrow, where any individual, club, group, or organisation can safely hire or rent things out, and run their own micro-hire-business if they wish. 

So if you’ve got a trailer, put it up for hire. List your lawnmower and your weed-eater, your camping stove, your backpack or tent, or that set of disco-lights you bought for the last party.

If you’re a hire or rental company, what other categories would you like to see? 

What else can you suggest?


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