A good sign of things to come

Let Use It in New Zealand only went live (“public beta”) a few days before Christmas 2006.  We took no steps to market the site as we knew we had some more work to do to make it more usable and to speed the site up.  We are still working on those things, and only now am I starting to work on our “Googleness” and “Yahooness” 😉

So in the early days, the people using the site was us, and our friends and family. Now we are getting people we don’t even know registering and using the site.  I few days ago I received a booking request for the great Isaac Asimov book based movie i,Robot, from a guy I had never met. I asked him a few questions using the notes feature on all bookings, and accepeted the request.  We exchanged phone number in the notes, and he picked it up on Friday evening.  He returned the DVD tonight, and I have just completed the loan and placed positive feedback on him.

So Stirling, congratulations! You are the first person we didn’t know to use Let Use It to find and book and use something.  That was quite a milestone for us, and the team felt very proud when it occurred.

I hope you enjoyed the movie, and I look forward to dealing with you again.


i, Robot is just one of many movies you can borrow on Let Use It.  Due to licencing and copyright restrictions, we do not let our members charge for copyrighted materials such as movies, books & magazines, and video games.



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