Let Use It gearing up for public beta

For those of you that have been “watching this space”, or just know us and have been “watching us”, you will have seen some slow evolving changes going on, both in us and in the Let Use It website. From humble words, to rough prototype, to rails-rewrite, to alpha 1 and alpha 2, and more recently to private beta, and a pre-launch “teaser” site. We are gearing up now to release a public beta of Let Use It, and are very excited (and nervous) about it.

Please bear with us as we take your feedback and bit-by-bit turn Let Use It into the most useful website for you. Checkout one of our many exotic locations: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, South Africa, United States, and hopefully many more places around the world to come.



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    Alan said,

    I wish you all the very best in your venture, Peter! It’s going to be so exciting watching it work for you. And I know there’s absolutely no question about it. 🙂

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